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The ability to command a room – making a powerful entrance
– part one

In today’s business world, networking, meetings, speaking engagements are all often common events that business professionals attend.  A component of being a polished professional is the ability to command a room.

Commanding a room starts before you even enter the room.  It starts with intentional situational awareness and the understanding of how to enter a room in a powerful manner.

Tips on how to enter a room in a powerful manner.

  1. Make sure you are dressed appropriately for the event. Attire is an important component of how you present yourself.
  2. Before you even enter, go into the bathroom and power pose for two minutes to change your body’s chemistry. (Harvard Study conducted by Amy Cuddy – see her TED talk) Power pose by getting as big as you can (supermen pose or arms and legs extended out as far as you can) for two minutes. This will raise your testosterone (your confidence hormone) and lower your cortisol level (your stress hormone).
  3. Pause just before entering the room and be aware of how you are getting ready to enter, realizing people are focused on the entrance to a room.
  4. Posture yourself again to take up as much space as possible, however this time within the framework of your body. Getting big in your body’s framework allows you to look more confident. (Refer to number two)
  5. Walk leading from the chi or the center core of your body. This prevents you from walking with your head out in front and slumping your shoulders.
  6. Put a smile on your face. A smile is a sign of confidence. People who are nervous, scared or anxious are not smiling. A smile calms you and the people with whom you come in contact.
  7. Slow down your walk. Do not rush into the room.
  8. Once you enter, step to the right of the entrance walkway and pause for a few moments to be situational aware of the room layout, food, people, etc.
  9. Do not rush over to the food or drink. Trying to handle plates, glasses, drinks, napkins, etc. is often awkward. If you are really hungry eat something before you go.

Do not underestimate the power of a first impression that often starts as you enter a room. How you enter a room will determine your ability to command it.

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