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The month of May is an exciting month as many graduate and warmer weather lets us know that summer and vacations are near. Just a few months ago the job market and economy were strong providing a healthy environment for those graduating or for those transitioning into new opportunities. Then we experienced a global pandemic that drastically changed the economic environment and placed potential barriers that may require a different approach.

When the competitive environment is more difficult and there are fewer opportunities, we need to step up our game and make the investment in our skills that will set us apart from others that will be competing for those same positions. This type of investment is beneficial anytime but becomes a higher priority as the labor market tightens and establishing a greater competitive advantage is critical.

Our education transcripts and resume are important tools that can open the doors of opportunity. However, what sets one person apart from others with similar qualifications that are working to position themselves for the same opportunity? Many times, the skills necessary to establish a competitive advantage are the silent skills that are not on the resume or reflected on transcripts.

The silent skill set may include the vocal and silent components of your professional savvy, how to make a powerful entrance and your center of power. How to make a good first impression falls among those skills and it is often an overlooked asset. These skills, among others, are learnable and invaluable in today’s professional world.

As you pursue opportunities in a different and more difficult environment, invest in the skills that will build your competitive advantage and position you for success in the new era we are entering.

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