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January is National Hot Tea Month.

Hot tea is part of almost every business culture in the world… but what about tea in America?

Hot tea has been enjoyed for centuries and most tea connoisseurs know the custom of afternoon tea is believed to have started in England. The custom is said to have commenced as a pick-me-up in the afternoon due to the long span of time between lunch and dinner.  After experiencing lethargy due to blood sugar drops three to four hours after lunch, afternoon tea was a catalyst until dinner was served much later in the evening and became a welcome event for social interaction.

As is still the custom today, people stop for afternoon tea and tea savories to communicate with one another.  Afternoon tea is so treasured because it is a civilized ceremony that is about connecting and bonding with the people around you.

Inviting someone to have a business power tea at around four o’clock, enables the business person to spend most of the day in the office and is a cultured way to take business out of the office or even end the day.

Another benefit of afternoon tea is the lack of  alcohol consumption, possibly making it a more productive meeting.  It typically is less expensive then dinner and even lunch, but yet it is a sophisticated platform for a business meeting.    The business power tea usually lasts around an hour.

Businesses are starting to understand that an invitation to have a “proper cup of afternoon tea” is not only interesting, but yet a relaxed and refined way to entertain clients.

Today, I feel it is even more precious, as it is a time when we put away our electronic devices and connect with those around us in a casual, yet customary face to face conversation over tea. We have talked several times about the power of being present and that face to face communication is a time when people feel they have been completely heard and understood; such a valuable time in business.

People do business with people they like, because they can! Inviting someone to afternoon tea is a great way to build relationships and get to know others.

Invite someone to an afternoon business power tea today….a very celebrated and civilized event.