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Professional Etiquette Certification

Mentor: Cindy Grosso, Charleston School of Protocol

This certification is designed for potential etiquette experts or current trainers looking for certification.

The program delivery options include:

– Group Session – Certification is conducted in a classroom environment over a four day period in Charleston, SC and scheduled throughout the year for groups of five or more.

– One-to-One Live – Certification is conducted in a one-to-one environment over a four day period in Charleston, SC and scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

– One-to-One Distance Learning – Certification is conducted through a distance learning environment over a period of 30 days and scheduled at mutually convenient appointment times. This option eliminates travel expense of hotel, dining, airfare, etc. and time away from home and work.

For more information on the One-to-One Distance learning program, please email to schedule a telephone appointment.

Remaining Group Session 2023 Program Dates:

January 9-12, 2023
March 6-9, 2023
May 8-11, 2023
July 10-13, 2023
September 11-14, 2023
November 13-16, 2023

Group Session Location: Charleston School of Protocol Home Office, Charleston, SC

Ask about our personal one-to-one Certification Program with Cindy Grosso,  the only one-to-one professional etiquette certification offered by a national etiquette expert.
Now offered in-person or via distance learning.

To receive inside information about our journey and things you should know about the Etiquette Certification process, Click  here .

There is a large demand for etiquette experts as the demand for training in this field continues to grow. If etiquette is a passion of yours, come register for the most comprehensive training program offered: group live, one to one live or online learning with zoom coupled with a one year coaching/mentoring program to help you start and continue on your way to success.

The Charleston School of Protocol has worked with hundreds of companies to help their employees become leaders in their field.

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette is recognized as a global award winning company. Its founder, Cynthia Grosso, is an award winning speaker, business columnist and etiquette expert who has been quoted many times in national and local publications and is the host of a national syndicated and internet radio show.

Ms. Grosso has been speaking in this arena for over 17 years.

Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries for a certification program, Ms. Grosso has decided to put together the most comprehensive training program available.

This program is open to corporate trainers, new etiquette consultants and/or current consultants who want to be certified.

This program is open to only 10 participants per live session. There will be a selection process, via telephone interview, as there may be more than 10 applicants per session. The selection will be at the sole discretion of the Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.. Any potential applicant that did not make the program the first time will have the option to apply at the next scheduled program date.

If you are interested in becoming certified, please fill out the downloadable interview application and fax to: (843) 207-1024 or mail to:

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.
P.O. Box 41113
Charleston, SC 29423

The certification program will be presented by Cindy Grosso herself and will highlight corporate etiquette programs that will address:

– Professional presentation
– Meeting and greeting

– Meeting etiquette
– Business card protocol
– Business card etiquette
– Networking protocol
– Host etiquette
– Attendee etiquette
– Proper introductions
– Correspondence etiquette
– Invitation etiquette
– Gift giving
– Continental dining style
– American dining style
– Menu etiquette
– Executive style – golf, theater, sporting events, travel
– Wine etiquette
– Flag protocol
– Toasting
– Tipping
– Seating protocol
– Thank you etiquette

– Strength through diversity

You will be able to teach the most requested and popular programs to include:

  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Savvy for Professional Success
  • Professional Table Manners
  • Communication Etiquette
  • Networking Success
  • Professional Style
  • International Business
  • Meeting Etiquette
  • Correspondence Etiquette
You will be able to put this modules together to create polished professional Programs.
You will also receive:
  • Comprehensive training materials, powerpoints, handouts, workbooks and support materials
  • Comprehensive business support notebook
  • Ongoing support at no additional charge.
  • Reprint rights for all copyrighted materials.
  • Discounts on all products that you can instantly have for sale.

Hosted in Charleston, South Carolina, the recipient of the “Most Mannerly City” in America Lifetime Achievement Award, Charleston is considered the heart of  the south and America’s sweetheart city for grace and gentility. Manners are part of our heritage and history.

This program includes various features and benefits:

– This program is taught by Cynthia Grosso, who has been conducting programs in the corporate world for over 17 years.
Be taught by a proven leader in the industry.

– Four day of live program to include etiquette and the business of doing business.
 Live hands-on learning and interaction.

– One-to-one coaching via coaching calls, accessible anytime during the first year.
Get help with specific questions with undivided attention to maximize your success.

– Access to global award winning training tools that you can offer to your clients.
Be confident with the materials that represent you well and help your clients, without the development expense.

– Be associated with the prestigious Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette.
Join the elite group with the Professional Etiquette Certified designation.

– Program hosted in Charleston, South Carolina.
Visit the Most Mannerly City in America.

Upon completion of this program, you will receive the Professional Etiquette Certification designation.

The license is good for Five years.

License Renewal Fee:
The Professional Etiquette Certification must be renewed every five years with an investment of $1,200.00, to continue use of all materials, receive any updates and receive continued support.

Investment information:

Your investment for the four day training program $4,997.00, includes 12 month complimentary follow-up of ongoing learning/coaching.

The $4,997.00 program investment is payable upon enrollment or pre-payment program option. Travel and accommodations are not included.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cashier and personal checks.
No personal checks from international students will be accepted.

Refund Policy – If accepted into this program, the participant understands that the tuition will secure a space in the Etiquette Certification Program. If the participants must postpone/cancel attendance, the participant may receive the tuition, minus all processing fees and an additional $250.00 per participant. This is a non-refundable administrative fee. Postponements/cancellation must be in writing eight weeks prior to the program or participants are liable for the entire fee. International attendees will receive a credit for future participation.

Transfer Registration Policy – If a participant needs to transfer registration to a future program, their tuition will be applied with a $300.00 transfer fee.

Cancellation Policy – The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette reserves the right to cancel the certification program if circumstances beyond their control forces this to happen. If this occurs, a full refund will be given to all paid participants, within 30 days of scheduled start date.

License Renewal Fee:
$1,200.00 renewable every five years.

Etiquette Certification Travel Details

Charleston School of Protocol Home office


For lodging information within close proximity, please click here.

Air transportation available via:
Charleston International Airport
5500 International Boulevard
Charleston, SC 29418

Car Service Options:

Rental Car Options (located at the Charleston International Airport):
Enterprise Rental Car: Toll Free 800-654-3131 or 843-767-1109
Budget Rental Car: Toll Free 800-527-0700 or 843-767-7051
National Rental Car: Toll Free 800-227-7368 or 843-767-3078

Wardrobe Planning:
Dress is business casual. There will be a dining tutorial in the five-star dining room and proper dress is required.
Please check the weather channel for details on the weather in the Charleston, SC area.

  • Feel free to touch base. We usually respond within 24 business hours. If you contact us over the weekend, please give us one full business day to respond.

Learn from a professional in the etiquette industry!


The one to one distance learning method is taught via zoom calls with the mentee.

All hard copy materials are sent to the mentee before the program begins. Then 1 – to 2 hour calls are scheduled with a shared screen to see all power points and materials. It is the same program materials that is shared during the live programs, just done digitally. The program conducted in this format takes approximately 30 days to complete.

It can save costs in travel, travel time, hotel, meals and ground transportation.

The quality of the program however, is exactly the same.


Enrolling Now

Cost: $4,997.00 There is a large demand for etiquette experts, as the demand for training in this field continues to grow. If etiquette is a passion of yours, come register for the most comprehensive training program offered; group live, one to one live or online learning with zoom, coupled with a one year coaching/mentoring program to help you start and continue on your way to success. In order to enroll in this program, you must complete the program application, located on the black tab. Once received, Cindy will contact you to schedule a telephone interview.

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