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First Impressions

Teach your students the skill of polish…..Polish is a skill!

First impressions are intuitive behavior, read by the conscious and subconscious mind. Understanding that studies indicate that you do not have to speak at all… in order to make a first impression. In fact, when you first meet someone, what you say verbally may not be as important as how you appear.

Corporations are getting it!

Understanding that polish is a learned skill (and not a matter of some have it and some don’t), you can greatly increase your business relationships. Learn the skills that enable you to be immediately liked, trusted and respected.

In order to grow professionally you have to grow personally first. You need first to be aware of the strengths that you possess and how to build on them. This program allows you to that.

Corporations care about how you present yourself because that is how you will represent them!

Ms. Grosso teaches from a value based perspective of “what is in it for me”. Understanding the “why” is often more important then understanding the “how”. In her programs, both are emphasized.


How to enhance your ability to make a powerful and positive first impression using the skills of correct personal presentation to include:

  • Body Language
  • Standing, Sitting, Hand positioning, Feet, etc.
  • Facial expressions
  • Handshaking
  • Presence
  • Power of Professional Dress
  • Power Use of Your Voice
  • Your Center of power


  • Things that will make people like you or leave you
  • What your handshake says about you
  • The difference between having good posture and having presence
  • The levels of acceptable professional dress
  • The power of your voice on others and yourself
  • What people notice about you first
  • Why you really do not get a second chance to make a first impression


  • How to make a positive First Impressions over the telephone
  • And much more

Once again, not just what to do but why and what they say about you. The procedures that Ms. Grosso teaches are backed by many studies and statistics.
I believe there are a lot of smart people at low levels of corporate America because they do not understand the value of presenting themselves well….DON’T LET YOUR STUDENT BE ONE OF THEM. Polish is a skill, like all the other skills you have learned to do your job successfully!

You will learn the components of successful business and personal savvy.

Your ability to handle yourself and others with style and grace is part of the new measure of success.

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