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Charleston School of Protocol® Programs

Teaching business etiquette as the subtle, redefining confidence which enables people to excel and succeed in today’s corporate culture

Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc. offers the following popular programs. Please use these listings only as a guide, as most seminars are customized to suit customer’s needs. To ensure the maximum benefit, seminars are available at the location of your choice. To customize any of these programs for your group, please call us at (843)207-1025.

The Secret Sauce

In a study of 4,000 industry leaders, the findings reveal there really is a secret sauce to success. The secret sauce, according to the study, was labeled as “executive presence.” However, we think the secret sauce is not just about executives but for all business professionals so we just use the term polish. So the question becomes, if polish is so important, how much time is invested in the development of this skill? Learn about the secret sauce and the silent skill set you cannot list on the resume but is crucial to elevate your professional status and excel in business.  Let us help you to not be the best kept secret in your industry!

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The Successful Team

Leaders understand that the most important people in your organization is your team and that corporate culture is an important concept in today’s business environment.  Being able to work together in a timely, effective and synergistic manner requires strength through diversity and respect for yourself and others.  Today’s work force is a combination of different generational influences and communication styles. In this program we will get back to basics in understanding the fundamental respect needed for teams to thrive in today’s fast paced, ever-changing business climate.

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The A&E Factor – The Attitude of Success

The way you treat people is not about who they are, but rather all about who you are. Your manners and etiquette are not just actions. They are an attitude…an attitude that is closely related to your self-confidence, your position in business and personal life, as well as your ability to build successful relationships, teams and organizations. This program covers six points to help improve attitudes.

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Professional Style

Statistics show how we appear speaks more about us and is sometimes more important than what we verbally have to say. Understand the dos and dont’s of looking your best with your clothes and power accessories. Learn what is proper and appropriate dress for everything from business casual to white tie.

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The Million Dollar Meal

The dining table is the single most important place we bond with people, both personally and professionally. There are studies that reveal over one half of all business is done over the dining table.The business lunch is still the favored meal meeting. This program focuses on the meeting etiquette and proper dining savvy necessary to have a successful meeting over a meal.

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Communication Excellence

According to the US Department of Labor, it is estimated that of the total time we spend in communication, 55% is devoted to listening. Listening, of course, is the polite thing to do. It is not just a skill, but an art…a lost art. It is not only the foundation of all good conversation, but also for building relationships both professionally and personally. But even more importantly, listening is how we expand our world. Everything starts with a voice. Listen up!  [ Download Course PDF ]

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Creating the Excellent Customer Experience

Do you know the number one reason your customers leave you? Did you know that etiquette is now considered one of the tops skills to implement for excellent customer service? This program looks at customer care through the total experience of the customer. Every interaction your team has with a customer is a form of customer service and will either enhance or diminish their relationship with you. This presentation teaches the basic rules of etiquette, business greetings/introductions, proper daily office procedure, telephone etiquette, challenging situations as well as personal presentation skills. How you handle your customer is of great importance to your company. Remember customer service is an attitude not a department!

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Professtional Table Manners

Million Dollar Meal Online Program

In the United States, a large amount of business is conducted out of the office and meetings are often held while dining. Are you or your company losing business because of less than polished behavior? The answer could be yes, and you may not realize…As the saying goes…You don’t know…What you don’t know. But we do know that companies are losing money as associates, employees and corporate executives American and International, are not well versed in how to conduct business over a meal .

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Tea Time in Charleston

Tea is part of almost every culture in the world. It dates back to the ancient Chinese. It later became popular for social purposes. The tradition of “Afternoon tea,” however, has been attributed more to the English and was discovered as a way to make it through the long period between their midday and evening meal. Drinking tea has always been considered a very refined and dignified ceremony.

What better way than right here in Charleston, a very English city, to have an afternoon tea for your group. You will learn about the history of Charleston’s part in the tea industry as well as the etiquette of drinking tea and will discover the enjoyment and refinement of a proper afternoon tea.
This can be done at several locations in the Charleston area and lasts one and one-half hours.

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Dining Elegance

Savvy dining skills play a large part in the business and social arena. Handling yourself with grace and poise can enhance you professionally and personally. This program consists of learning: the etiquette of hosting a formal dinner, setting a proper table, dining etiquette skills, tablescapes, and the art of being a good guest. This seminar includes a formal meal.

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positive perceptions

Networking Excellence

What you do not know can kill your career. The effective use of protocol intelligence, the key component in any business situation and ultimate business tool, is sometimes overlooked but often key in connecting with others.  The components of polish and professional savvy are the competitive edge.  Learn the presentation skills of proper introductions, remembering names, shaking someone’s hand, business card protocol, eye contact, making a power entrance, respecting personal space, the art of conversation and more. 

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Personally Speaking

We speak very loudly about ourselves… sometimes without saying a word. Statistics show how we appear speaks more about us and is more important sometimes than what we verbally have to say. Learn to walk with purpose. There really is a correct way to sit, stand, cross your legs, enter and exit a room, put on a jacket, shake someone’s hand, etc. This seminar is designed to work with the verbal and nonverbal communication of how we speak about ourselves – body language. 

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The Polished Professional Executive Finishing School

This program is designed to help you become the polished individual, savvy in the social skills that make a professional impression.

This three-day executive finishing school program will help corporate executives, with the assistance of their companions, succeed in the highly competitive business world. The program will include professional business etiquette focusing on the critical 10% which Ms. Grosso says is “Personal savvy for professional success.” Based on the understanding that polish is a skill, the program includes topics such as: the skills necessary for building business relationships, the art of persuasion, the art of self presentation, the personal keys to leadership and more.

While researching his book, Malloy’s Live for Success (Banton Books), John Malloy found that almost everyone he spoke with agreed that the final indicator of class in America was the possession of certain social skills.  Ninety-nine out of 100 executives said that social skills were prerequisites to succeeding in business and social life.

“This program is designed to help you become the polished individual, savvy in the social skills that make a professional impression. It concentrates on improving self-confidence and self-esteem” says Cindy Grosso, columnist, author, course instructor and owner of Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.  Ms. Grosso speaks all over the US on professionalism, has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and other national tv shows and is the host of “Your Manners Matter” syndicated talk radio. Her topic is on etiquette as it relates to being an attitude and not an action. Ms. Grosso is from Charleston, SC voted the most mannerly city in the country, 18 years in a row.

Your investment includes the 3 day program, 3 continental breakfasts, 3 tutorial lunches, afternoon tea, supplies and workbook.  Registration is limited.

To book this program, please call 843-207-1025 or click here for the next scheduled Executive Finishing School Session.

Unsolicited Client Review of The Finishing School

The Executive School Program was so much fun! I have told several people about my experience and have encouraged many of my friends and colleagues to attend your classes. I can not thank you enough and I am looking forward to continuing my education with you.

Mary ThomasSenior Account Manager

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