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Disruption – What some see as chaos, leaders see as opportunity

By August 24, 2023September 12th, 2023No Comments

We are living in a time when the rate of change seems to be accelerating, which is having a major effect on our day-to-day lives. Whether you are in business, education, religion, media, entertainment, family, or government, referred to as the seven mountains of influence, each of these mountains of influence are being disrupted like never before.

Disruption refers to the process of creating new products, services, or models that fundamentally change the way things are done in an industry or market segment. While disruption can create challenges for established players in a market, it also presents opportunities for those who are willing to embrace change and adapt to new realities.

With everything shifting, however, there is still one thing that has not changed and that is the need people have to feel important and valued.

So, as we look at some of the opportunities that disruptions can bring, let us not forget about the people involved and how we can embrace change and grow through the process.


Disruption provides opportunity for those with a growth mindset. What some people see as chaos, leaders see as opportunity. Innovation helps companies and individuals seek to find new and better ways to solve problems or meet needs that the disruption has created. Disruptive technologies, such as the internet or mobile devices, have created new markets and opportunities that help entrepreneurs innovate and create new products and services.

Competitive Advantage:

Disruptions can create opportunities for companies to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Companies that are quick to adapt to the changes brought about by a disruption along with collaboration of their team for new ideas can position themselves as industry leaders and capture market.

New Markets:

Disruptions can create new markets that did not exist before. For example, the rise of e-commerce created a whole new market for online retailers, and the growth of the sharing economy created new markets for peer-to-peer services.

 Customer Focus:

Disruptions can also create opportunities for companies to better understand and meet the needs of their customers. By staying attuned to changes in the market and being responsive to customer needs, companies can build stronger relationships with their customers and create more loyal and satisfied customers. Remember to integrate high touch with high tech to deliver a great customer experience.

Overall, disruption presents both challenges and opportunities. The companies that can adapt and take advantage of these opportunities and promote a strong, healthy corporate culture are likely to succeed in the long term.

Let’s embrace the change in 2023 and build a future that is filled with fun, innovation, and excellence to benefit those around us.

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