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Excuse me, Is that my bread plate?

By November 19, 2018June 10th, 2020No Comments


Have you ever been asked that or have you ever asked that? Does it really matter?

In a word YES! But probably not for the reason you think.

Dining etiquette is really not about the rules… it is about confidence and relationship.

We have spoken before that we are living in a disruptive world where things are changing fast and fast is faster than before.

Dining is an important face time activity where we take the time and have the opportunity to bond with people more than any other time. Face time is valuable time that allows people to feel that they have been completely heard and understood.

I have spoken before about Dr. John Dewey being a famous American philosopher who said the deepest need we have as human beings is the need to be important and in a world that is rapidly changing that has not changed.

If I am not sure about how to dine in a business or formal setting then I am focused on me…looking around to see how to dine properly. If I am doing that then I am being self-conscious and I cannot focus on the people I am with. But if I know how to dine then I am self-confident and I can give my full attention on the people I am with. If I can do that, then in that moment I am fulfilling the deepest need they have, the need to be important; and if I can do that, then maybe there is a better chance I can do business, be friends or just enjoy the company of my guests.

People do business with people they like…because they can.

Knowing how to dine from everything to knowing where to sit, how to place your order, proper use of the utensils and table conversation all build our confidence and reflect your style, savvy and respect for them and you.

So, is your bread plate the one on your left or the one on your right?

Your bread plate, as any other food plates that are not served center plate, are set to the left of the dinner plate…..a good way to remember that is the word “food” has four letters and so does the word “left”, so all food plates, bread, salad, etc., all go to the left of the dinner plate.

Knowing the proper dining savvy allows you to confidently enjoy the meal and the event.

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