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Five Tips to Help You Write Thank-You Notes

By April 15, 2015June 10th, 2020No Comments

Thank-you notes are not about the action of writing the note, but rather about the attitude of gratitude. Among the many other virtues of being grateful is saying thank you…often! Your professional presence can be enhanced through written correspondence. Showing appreciation for others, speaks volumes about you. In this digital age a hand written note is so old fashion that is it new again and can differentiate you from the crowd.

Here are five tips that may make writing thank-you notes even more enjoyable.

1. Have stationary that you like and reflects your personal brand with excellence.

Etiquette suggests that the words thank-you not be preprinted on a card, but rather are words that you should hand-write yourself. So I suggest personal stationary or correspondence cards. Correspondence cards are typically 6½ by 4½ inch cardstock, but may vary slightly. Men have flat cards; women may have flat or fold-over note-cards, mine are flat. They are printed with just your first and last name either at the top of the flat card or on the front page of the fold-over note. Women may elect to use their initials.

2. Keep your stationary in an attractive display on your desk or in your work area. Keeping your stationary in this manner not only reminds you to write, but also invites you to do so.

3. Find a pen with which you like to write. I like my roller ball. I enjoy a nice pen, one that feels good in my hand, looks nice and writes well. There are many choices in pens, whether ballpoint, fountain or roller ball, find one that suits you. Writing with a nice pen makes whatever you are writing feel and look like an important document.

4. Use a postage stamp theme that helps convey your message. Postage stamps can even be personalized to you or your company. This can be a small display that shows you pay attention to detail.

5. Another way to differentiate yourself is to add a wax or foil seal to the envelope, which may add a level of importance. The type of postage stamp or a personalized envelope seal are small distinctions that may speak well about you and set you apart.

Writing thank-you notes is a reflection of you and the appreciation you have for the person you are writing to. Making writing the note more fun and enjoyable may help you to express your gratitude more often.

Savvy survey question on my site:

In business, how important is writing a business thank-you note?
Of the total votes cast:
79% said that it was very important.
17% said that it was important.
2% said that it was somewhat important.
2% said that it was not important

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