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Holiday Card Etiquette

In this season of giving and reflecting, many companies used to send holiday greeting cards to their colleagues and clients, but what about today?

In this faster than a speeding bullet society of declining customer care, getting a holiday greeting card by mail may make you stand out and be a way to let people know you appreciate their business, are still detail oriented, and customer focused.

However, I would like to add an additional thought and that is to make sure the card is not just pre-printed with a company name, but rather personalized with a note from the people at the top or the representative with whom the customer works. There is a bigger impact difference between taking the time to hand write a note and a pre-printed name without a note.

Although personalized notes need not be a book, they are still an extension of yourself and due to the etiquette of not sending cards to a person with whom you give a physical gift to, the card is in fact their gift.  The note only needs to be a few sentences to include thankfulness for the relationship and the wish of continued success.

By the way, there are also positive aspects for the sender. One great attribute found in neuroscience is handwriting a note to someone has profound positive effects on the brain not found in typing one. It stimulates activity that relaxes the brain and releases feel good chemicals.

If this is something you do or want to bring back, here are a few more etiquette tips to sending a business greeting card that will help insure your good intentions.

-In sending business holiday greeting cards it may be a good idea to make sure your card is not specifically about Christmas or Hanukkah, but rather more generic, just sending season’s greetings or holiday wishes.

– You can begin to send greeting cards after Thanksgiving.

– If your card is engraved with your company name, then sign the card using both your first and last name. If it is your name that is engraved on the card, then just use your first name signature after your personalized note.

– Most often when sending a business holiday card, it is sent to the office of the recipient, addressed in his/her name only.

– If the card is from more than one person, the name of the person signing the card is last.

– The address should be handwritten using the honorific, Ex: Mr. John Smith (I suggest in black ink).

– Use a postage stamp, preferably a holiday stamp not the postage meter.

– On a more personal note, if you are a couple sending greeting cards, the cards should be engraved with the wife’s name first, ex. Jane and John Smith.

In today’s rushed world, taking the time to send a personalized greeting card may be a new, old way to give holiday cheer to both the sender and the receiver.

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