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This time of year many people are sending personal and business holiday greeting cards. What does etiquette suggest?

Etiquette suggests sending a personal holiday card to people with whom you do not give a gift.  Therefore, taking the time to wish them well in the form of a holiday card is their gift. So whether sending a personal or business holiday card, I suggest that you take the time and mail a traditional card.

What about emailed holiday cards?
Even though most of us love technology… can not be used as a substitute for personal interaction. An email card or mass email blast can be impersonal.
It may send the message that they are not of much value to you due to a lack of investment of time and money. Also, the recipient may not get it, as mass emails may be picked up as spam.

Even as technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, we must strive to also be high touch. I know many people will be sending or thinking about sending email cards this year…..and it can easily become the norm. However, it is nice to think that the investment of time and money associated with the old fashion tradition of mailing a holiday card may distinguish your efforts from that of others.

Do you know how to personalize a holiday card?
In today’s rushed world, taking the time to personalize a traditional card may be a wonderful way to also show appreciation for the recipient. Personalized notes need not be a book, they only need to be a sentence or two, possibly including thankfulness of the relationship and the wish of continued success.

It my also be personalized by signing the card if it is engraved.
– If you are a couple, the cards should be engraved with the wife’s name first; ex. Jane and John Smith, then just sign your first name signatures.

– If your card is engraved with your company name, then sign the card using both your first and last name signature.

– If it is your name that is engraved on the card, then just sign using your first name signature.

Personalizing a traditional card is important and helps to express a special gesture of appreciation.

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