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I Would like to Introduce

By September 30, 2016June 10th, 2020No Comments

You are introducing two people of equal status at work.  You introduce John Smith and Jane Doe; the first part of your introduction sounds like this… Ms. Doe, I would like to introduce to you, John Smith….was that correct?

When introducing two people, if you use the honorific of Mr./Ms./Mrs./Mr. with one person, then etiquette suggests that you use it when introducing the other person as well. Therefore, it would be “Ms. Jane Doe, I would like to introduce to you, Mr. John Smith,” this gives both people the same respect.

If they were not of equal status, in business you would introduce according to hierarchy.  The lower rank TO the higher rank. So it may sound like this “Mr. Higher rank, I would like to introduce TO YOU, Mr. Lower rank.”

Knowing how to properly introduce people in business is an important interpersonal skill you do not want to overlook.  Being able to introduce people correctly reflects your professionalism and also shows value to the people you are introducing.



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