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After a year of confinement, it may be time for a little refinement.

With COVID hopefully in our rear view mirror, we are starting to see a resurgence, more on a national scale, of people venturing out as summer approaches… Depending on where you reside some more than others.

But now what? Is it back to life as we knew it? What has changed? What have we learned?

As we come out of hibernation, it may be a good opportunity to think about what might need to change. Using the pandemic as a way to make some positive changes can be a good time to benefit from this strange period in history.

As for me, I have been appreciating and intentionally paying attention to the small things that give me pleasure and that the seemingly insignificant things can make a wonderful difference: Like fresh flowers on a table, using my good china, taking bubble baths, using a beautiful bath soap from France, handwriting thoughtful notes to people, burning an exquisite smelling candle, listening with empathy to peoples thoughts and opinions, knowing I do not have to agree or disagree. Using my mother’s silver butter dish and not just for company, setting a lovely table, drinking tea out of a charming china cup and using sugar cubes, planting delightful flowers in my garden, and using proper dining skills without company present. The small luxuries, whatever they may be for you, that you may not have taken the time to do before may be the refinement that can enhance your daily life.

These small changes are the things that may bring beauty and joy into our lives and keep us sane in what seems to be a rapidly, ever-changing, crazy world.

The art of living, and there is an art to it, is not as much about how much money you have, it is more about the style in which you live. Taking the time and paying attention to the small things that may make you and the people around you feel loved and valued is a lifestyle may we all strive for.