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I am Italian and was raised to love and appreciate good food. I consider myself a foodie and I am fortunate to live in one of the best foodie cities in the country, Charleston, SC. Although great food should be appreciated, something we call the Million Dollar Meal however, is not about the value of a great meal, but rather, the value of the relationships, business, and network that can be built and/or enhanced over the dining table. This is why we call our dining program The Million Dollar Meal, because million-dollar relationships can be achieved when we are confident and intentional with our dining engagements.

Webster defines confidence as faith or belief that we are acting in a right and proper manner. When we understand manners, etiquette, and protocol, we can approach the dining experience with confidence. Manners is the what, etiquette is the how, and protocol is the when. When these skills are mastered, one can enter any dining setting, from the most formal to the casual and focus on building the million-dollar relationships.

Many of the meetings I have attended through the years have centered around food, either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. These meals have helped to establish a network of relationships that have been valuable throughout the years. There is a saying “the value of your network determines your net worth”, and when I reflect on the relationships the value has been tremendous.

With the world opening back up, business and social dinners will be something you can participate in again. We have all missed the social interaction during the pandemic and are ready to enjoy time building relationships around the table.

If you would like to gain confidence in your dining skills, Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc. as a newly updated program, The Million Dollar Meal, which is a fun and exciting way to approach the dining table with confidence. The following link will provide more information:

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette teaches the skill of confidence to eliminate personal and professional barriers and live an extraordinary life.

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