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Name Tag Protocol

By July 29, 2016January 30th, 2020No Comments

In business it is often necessary to attend a meeting or a networking function where you may not know anyone and are asked to wear a name tag.  Is there name tag protocol?

When wearing a temporary name tag with your name handwritten on it, the proper placement is on the right side.  This is because of the line of vision as it comes up from the handshake, which is done with your right hand.

But is a name tag always worn on the right?

Please note when wearing a permanent name tag the correct answer depends on the type of name tag and the function. For example, if someone is required to wear a name tag on their job, the proper placement for that name tag is different, in that you wear it on the left side. This is because it is for identification purposes and not for meeting people.

This seemingly small gesture, may speak largely about you and your name.


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