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I was recently asked by my son about name tag placement. He recently got his first job and I asked how his first day went. He told me that, as he arrived, they gave him a name tag to put on his shirt. He was not sure where to place it, however, so he googled name tag placement. He then proceeded to tell me the name tag goes on the right.   First of all, I was pleased with him as he was trying to do the right thing, but I informed him that in fact, it goes on the left for work.  At which time he proceeded to fact check me on google (I love when my young adult children do that to me.)

I said “really, you are fact checking me on etiquette????”

He pulled up various sources that in fact backed him up. So, I thought this may be confusing for other people as well as name tags are not all the same. This article was written to help clarify name tag placement.

In business and social life, it is often necessary to attend a meeting where you may not know anyone and are asked to wear a name tag.  When wearing a temporary name tag with your name handwritten on a pin-on or sticky tag, you place it on your right lapel. This is because for networking and meeting people it is in the line of vision as it comes up from the handshake, which is done with your right hand.

However, when wearing a permanent name tag, maybe even with your company name on it as well…it may even be embroidered on the shirt, the proper etiquette is that you wear it on the left.  This is because you are not shaking hands and meeting people, its purpose is simply for identification purposes.

I hope this may help clear up any confusion about knowing proper etiquette which always builds confidence. A properly placed name tag is a seemingly small gesture that speaks about you and your name.

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