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We are in a period of history where the rate of change in all spheres of influence is tremendous, and uncertainty has infiltrated most of our lives. The global pandemic, economic instability, civil unrest, and geopolitical factors have all contributed to the uncertainty we are experiencing. So how should we invest our time and resources when we find ourselves in treacherous waters?

We have two options; either we can wait for things to stabilize and go back to what we considered normal, which may never occur, or we can embrace the change and see it as an opportunity to move to new heights in our career, life, relationships, etc. The difference in these two paths we take is dependent on our attitude and where we choose to invest our time.

Developing a positive attitude and investing in growing who we are is an investment that will pay great dividends no matter what storms we find ourselves in. These are skills that each of us can develop to improve our quality of life. So how do I improve my attitude?

I find when I sense my attitude growing more negative, I am spending too much time with negative people, watching too much negative media, or dwelling on negative thoughts. When the input I am allowing into my mind becomes too negative, I also become negative, which can become a barrier to achieving success in my life. But the reverse is also true, when I Intentionally switch my thinking to things that are lovely, positive, excellent, etc. my attitude becomes more gracious and positive.

When I invest in learning new and exciting skills that will improve my health, lifestyle, career mobility, or financial position, I become more confident and content. Confidence is defined by Webster: as “faith or belief that you are acting in a right and proper manner”, so if I invest my time and resources in obtaining these skills, there is a much better chance the quality of my life will improve, and my confidence factor will be increased.

This is a life quest that is not difficult, but it takes an intentional effort to pursue being the best person you were created to be.

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