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Personal Programs

These programs are designed to help you become the polished individual, savvy in the social skills that make a professional impression.

Personal Programs

Executive Finishing School

This three day executive finishing school program will help corporate executives, with the assistance of their companions, succeed in the highly competitive business world. The program will include professional business etiquette, focusing on the critical 10% which Ms. Grosso says is “Personal savvy for professional success.” Based on the understanding that polish is a skill, the program includes topics such as:  the skills necessary for building business relationships, the art of persuasion, the art of self presentation, the personal keys to leadership and more.

In researching his book, Malloy’s Live for Success (Banton Books), John Malloy found that almost everyone he spoke with agreed that the final indicator of class in America was the possession of certain social skills.  Ninety-nine out of 100 executives said that social skills were prerequisites to succeeding in business and social life.

“This program is designed to help you become the polished individual, savvy in the social skills that make a professional impression. It concentrates on improving self-confidence and self-esteem” says Cindy Grosso, columnist, author, course instructor and owner of Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc.  Ms. Grosso speaks all over the US on professionalism, has appeared on the Dr. Phil show and other national tv shows and is the host of “Your Manners Matter” syndicated talk radio. Her topic is on etiquette as it relates to being an attitude and not an action. Ms. Grosso is from Charleston, SC voted the most mannerly city in the country, 18 years in a row.

Your investment includes the 3 day program, 3 continental breakfasts, 3 tutorial lunches, afternoon tea, supplies and workbook.  Registration is limited.

To book this program, please call 843-207-1025 or click here for the next scheduled Executive Finishing School Session.

Personal/Professional Style Program

Spend the day on improving you! Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge of how to bloom where you are planted. In the new millennium individuality is in.

Dressing for success in the individual sense – know your colors – learn your personality of style from the 7 different personalities of style – make-up techniques that enhance and/or conceal – learn your best side for photography – learn your body type – understand about your figure – how to look taller, thinner, what jacket and skirt styles, necklines, belts, etc. look best on you – how to balance your figure – camouflage the negative and accentuate the positive – as well as other tips to help you look your best.

This program can be conducted for a group or individual. Makeup techniques are optional.

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