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Professionalism Coaching

We specialize in making you, the busy professional, look good by teaching you the subtle, redefining skills that will put you ahead of the competition.

The Professionalism Advantage Program

Calling all passed over for promotion professionals. Here’s how a simple secret is your path to your career stardom and why you’ll have an unfair advantage over more experienced work colleagues.

In this program I am your guide as your professional consultive coach. I will personally guide you to success via a proven program and virtual consultive coaching sessions.

Program Benefits:

~ Keep from being the best kept secret in your industry.
Master your personal power and level up by first developing a mindset for success.

~ Discover your greatest competitive advantage.
Follow a proven roadmap that many others have used to level up.

~ Learn about the silent skill set that you cannot put on your resume but you need to know.
Advance with ease in the professional arena.

~ Understand the personal savvy that translates into professional success.
You will be able to turn fear into confidence.

~ Know about the perception people have of you and why?
Perception is reality.

~ Understand when someone walks away from you and says “I like you or I don’t” why they feel that way.
You can improve your likability factor.

~ You will discover the power of being authentically who you are with excellence.
You will not be in identity crisis, have imposter syndrome or try to be someone you are not.

~ Learn what true excellence is and why there is so little of it.
Excellence attracts promotion.

~ You will be able to take interesting information and turn it into a lasting transformation.
Transformational growth is value-based, resulting in lasting change.

The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc is pleased to offer the Professionalism Advantage Consultive Coaching program with the flexibility necessary for busy schedules.

The Professionalism Advantage Consultive Coaching program includes:

  • The Online Professionalism Advantage Program to include five online modules:
    – Mindset for Success
    – Personal Presence
    – Communication Excellence
    – Building your Relationship Network
    – Million Dollar Meal
  • Six consultive coaching sessions via one hour telephone/zoom calls to personalize your growth and guide you to success.
  • PDF version of the Code of Distinction – Reflecting Your Personal Brand With Excellence hardback book.

If you are not sure if this is the program for you…

Watch this short video about the program and take our FREE 40 minute Professionalism Advantage Masterclass.

Interested in our Consultive Coaching Program? Have a question? Speak with Cindy.