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In this rapidly changing business world, are you the best kept secret in your industry?

By January 24, 2017January 30th, 2020No Comments

In this rapidly changing business world, are you the best kept secret in your industry?

With the start of a new year “out with the old” is not an uncommon thought, but “in with the new” is hitting warp speed.

The current state of the world is exponential change. Maybe even so fast that it can be perceived as chaos. We are living in a disruptive world.  We talk about companies like Uber which has disrupted the transportation industry and does not own one car. Air B and B that has disrupted the hospitality industry and does not own one hotel. Radio, television, real estate and other industries are being disrupted and if they have not been yet…they will be very soon.

As business professionals, we are engaging with information savvy clients and customers.  Mobile apps are adding another layer of accessibility and speed to that ever-growing supply of information.

With technology moving so fast and no way to stay ahead of technological developments, not to mention, that for some it is hard to even catch up with current technology; how do we stay on top of our game?

As we all have to embrace continual and rapid change in the ability to gain information; the question becomes is information the only thing our potential customers are looking for?

Could it be a very important piece of what our clients and customers are looking for is one thing that does remain the same, but is very often overlooked in our faster than a speeding bullet society.

This one thing will allow you to not only survive, but has the potential to help you thrive on into the future.

Dr. John Dewey was a famous American philosopher.  Dr. Dewey said the deepest need we have as human beings is the need to be important and that has not changed.

Being respected and valued are very important components of what savvy clients are looking for when they have expectations for a higher quality of service from companies.

We often focus on the task, it can be a detriment to both the people and the task. Yes, the task may be completed, but the customer or client often walks away with their expectations not met.

So how do we make someone feel important? And can we commit to being excellent at it?  Being excellent therefore can be an opportunity to grow your success and differentiate yourself by disrupting the market in a personal way.

Coming next blog- Tips to thrive and disrupt the market in a personal way.

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