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I have always had a love of etiquette and many of the traditions that have historically defined our society. The Charleston School of Protocol and Etiquette, Inc. was founded over twenty years ago and many of the people I have had the privilege of teaching have commented that their view of etiquette was different before the class than what they experienced. Many thought of etiquette as rules, stuffy or stodgy traditions, arrogance, and other unpleasant adjectives that describe something that is not beneficial or attractive. However, what they experienced was an elevation in their professionalism, confidence, and knowledge that helped them realize practical skills for their success. Maybe it is time to redefine etiquette in 2023 to be the positive, confidence building tool it was intended to be.

Webster defines etiquette as, “the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.” Considering this definition, the integration of good manners, positive personal values, professionalism, great communication skills, personal branding, an attitude for success, and other positive attributes we have been teaching for many years can redefine etiquette in 2023 to be a practical tool that will set you apart from others and provide a competitive advantage for you, what we refer to as the professionalism advantage (see last month’s blog on The Professionalism Advantage)!

When we invest in ourselves with the technical and social skills necessary for success in this rapidly changing world in which we live, we are making an investment in the greatest asset we have, ourselves! This will pay great dividends now and for the rest of our lives. Not only does this improve our lives but will positively impact the lives of those in our circle of influence. Remember, we can’t give away what we do not have, so these investments must begin with us and then transfer to others. This reminds me of the Ritz Carlton slogan, “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”.

With so much negativity surrounding us each day, let us apply these valuable skills in our lives to be the change that will positively affect the world. We are cheering you on to raise your level of success as we work to redefine etiquette in 2023!

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