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Self-confidence and etiquette are directly related

By January 18, 2016January 30th, 2020No Comments

“One of the most googled words is “self-confidence” do you think your self-confidence is related to the skill of etiquette?

Most people would like to be more confident in certain areas of their lives. For the business professional the desire for improved confidence may be in how he/she conducts oneself in the professional arena. But what is self-confidence? Webster defines confidence as: “faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper or effective way.”

I often find that people do not realize that manners, etiquette and self-confidence are directly related. If you know the proper way to act and you are not afraid of embarrassing or humiliating yourself, then this will add to your confidence in handling situations and relating to people in business.

So how does this come back to you in the form of self-confidence?

When you know the proper way to act, you show respect for yourself and others.

This is important because we all have heard that what you give to others is what you get in return. In-fact, part of your self-confidence is YOUR perception of what other people think of you, which is a very important concept.

What people think of you is the perception you have given them to think. What you have given them to think comes back in their response to you as part of your belief of who you are….your self-confidence.

This year, as we begin our new year, let us strive to improve our self-confidence. We can start by getting back to the basics of life; showing value for ourselves and others, in the form of giving respect by way of using our manners and etiquette. This allows for respect and confidence to come back to us both personally and professionally.

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