The Nine Biggest Etiquette Secrets in Business (audio)


Everyday I talk to business people across the country on understanding that courtesy and how you treat others is not about who the person you are interacting with is….how you treat others is all about who you are.



This audio book is designed to help you expand on your strengths, by sharing some of the secrets and silent skill set that allow your strengths to shine through. Impolite behavior is not just an action, but rather, a symptom of your attitude.

Expanding on your strengths only really works when you are respecting yourself and those around you.

The audio will disclose nine of the most common and overlook faux pas that will often break a deal, or lose a job, or leave a bad impression of someone. These errors are made everyday by seemingly unaware perpetrators, who are ultimately not successful in business. It will then reveal the nine secrets to the etiquette of not making these mistakes.

Available in MP3 downloadable format.

Audio recording time 49 minutes.

Read by the author, Cynthia Grosso.