Golf and the Game of Business (Ebook)


Business golf reveals more about your handicap in business than your handicap on the course.


Today, a lot of business is done outside the office and the golf course is one of those places.

If you’d like to:

  • Find out what your conduct on the golf course says about you in the office
  • Learn about golf etiquette as it relates to a company hiring you
  • As part of the game, gain important insight on company evaluations for:
    • How you respect others
    • How you respect yourself
    • If you are a team player… the signs
    • Your attitude with those you work with
    • How you speak about your ethics

Then this book may be of value to you!

Golf and the Game of Business Sample Book – Click below to view a few of the pages of the book


I am national business etiquette expert and I specialize in proper protocol for the business professional. I have played golf most of my life and understand using it as a business tool.

This book was written for the corporate mindset: a right to the point, ready reference book. By reading this easy to understand, illustrated, concise 35 page ebook, you will learn how to conduct yourself…. Topics covered include:

  • Pre-game strategies
  • Tee time and arrival
  • Looking the part
  • Who pays
  • The first tee
  • The tee box
  • In the fairway
  • Dropping the ball
  • The sand trap
  • The rough/hazards
  • On the green
  • Tending the flag
  • The golf cart
  • Conversation
  • Smoking, drinking and general conduct
  • The 19th hole

This ebook is not just about golf etiquette. There are a lot of those…but very few that that relate your golf etiquette to your professional savvy. Realize that your conduct (or misconduct) during a corporate related event hosted at a golf course is still social interaction on a business level.

You can get everything you see above and be reading it five minutes after you order because it will be immediately downloadable in about 60 seconds. (Simply check your email for the download link.) It comes in Adobe PDF format which can be read by MACs and PCs through the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that is most likely installed on your computer already.

Golf and the Game of Business is a treasure house of immediately usable information.