The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine

With over 125 pages of wine essentials, beautiful color photos and inspirational wine quotes this book is perfect for your wet bar, kitchen or library where you ll refer to it over and over again. The Sipping Point not only contains the basics but also secrets that wine professionals use to taste, buy and enjoy wine with ease. This is a great gift for any wine lover on your list . . .



Do you know how to:
* Get a broken cork out of the bottle?
* Remove that red wine stain from your white sofa
* Open a champagne bottle without putting someone s eye out
* Read a wine list as long as the New York city phonebook?

You may not, but Laurie Forster does. In The Sipping Point she reveals the real essentials of wine . . .

In The Sipping Point, find out how to:
* Order wine when you re out to dinner
* Simplify food pairings
* Handle awkward wine moments
* Bounce back the morning after and more!

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