The Interview Advantage Online with the Million Dollar Meal Program


Interviewing is a critical part of getting the career you want. You may be well-versed in resume writing, have well rehearsed answers and great academic credentials and maybe even the required experience, but in today’s highly competitive global environment landing your desired job requires more than academics and experience.

–  The Million Dollar Meal, an online dining program from the global award winning author of “Professional Table Manners” (OPTIONAL).

The Million Dollar Meal Program

The Million Dollar Meal is presented in a series of short TED Talk type segments on everything from navigating the silverware, understanding the place setting, styles of dining, toasting, ordering wine, the business part of the meal and much more. Everything is in a simple to understand format so it is formal dining made simple…designed to make you confident in any dining situation.

This course is a distance learning program.
Cynthia Grosso is a certified distance educator.

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