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This spring as the weather warms and we come out of our winter/covid cocoons, let us enjoy the beauty around us and allow others the opportunity to do the same… but sometimes are we making sure that others can do the same?

As we enter an outdoor recreation area at a beach, a park, a dog park or any public area used for personal or business gatherings, let us be aware of our surroundings. At these events as we interact with others on a casual more personal level or maybe the outing is just a quiet day out for ourselves, let us be mindful that other people may want to have fun as well.

If we have moved chairs, tables or benches to accommodate our group, or have brought food or items that were used and now considered trash, we want to make sure that we put things back, clean up after ourselves and our furry friends and return it to the way we found it or maybe even better.

Let us take the time and make the effort to be socially responsible for our own actions by being mindful enough to let other people enjoy an event as you had the opportunity to do.

Showing respect for others, by leaving the area the way we would like to find it, shows respect for them… and us as well.

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