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The atmosphere we create and live in has much to do with our attitude and state of mind, whether in our homes, businesses, or community. When we invest in an environment that promotes beauty, gratitude, fun, excitement, etc. we will often get the same back.

I love having a festive home throughout the year to reflect the different seasons, but I especially enjoy it at this time of the year. I set a schedule for decorating and try to have my shopping completed early. Maybe too early for some, but I personally enjoy the fun and happiness this brings to me, my family, and friends. This also allows me time to enjoy the holidays and not rush around or be too stressed and exhausted.

Etiquette says to wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate…I can not say I do that inside my home, but I do wait to decorate the outside.

Although we entertain all year, the holiday season is a great time for having people over for dinner. The dining table has been an effective environment to build and develop relationships throughout history and is even more fun in a festive atmosphere.

Inviting people into our home for dinner is a great way to get to know them better and enjoy time together. Whether it is a person we have not seen in a while, a business colleague, or a couple we would like to get to know better, inviting others to dinner is a great way to build relationships.

I once had a guest tell me “Coming into your home is like getting a giant hug.”

As we enter the holiday season, decorations or not, let us be aware of how we impact others’ lives and understand how the atmosphere we create affects our own lives and those who visit. Enjoy your holidays, creating an atmosphere of joy, gratitude, and beauty to build relationships that will last a lifetime.

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