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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

            -Mahatma Ghandi

This time in history, many of us are coming off a year like none other that we can remember in our lifetime.  The pandemic, the politics, the craziness of this time in history, as we start the new year, maybe we need graciousness to be one of our resolutions.

It is interesting that we can overcome some of the most technical and medical challenges known to man, yet I feel we are losing one of the most important and powerful fundamentals known to man: being gracious.

Webster defines gracious as “Very polite in a way that shows respect; Being kind and courteous.”

Yes, things change as they have since the beginning of time. Every generation has new and different challenges they will face. But one thing that has been constant throughout civilization is the understanding that to have a civilization, you must be civil.  A key element of civility is graciousness.

Being gracious is not about socio-economic status. It is not reserved for some and not provided for others. It is a value that we hold dear because we must have respect for ourselves first in order to give respect to others. When we are gracious to others, we have a better chance of getting it back. The value is that our perception of how we think others see us, helps us form part of our self- confidence.

Being gracious is not reading about someone else’s life. It is about being intentional about living our own. It is not about judging others actions, but to be responsible for our own. It is taking the time and making the effort to be kind and letting the people you are with know they are important and valued.

Being gracious is not something you do….it is something you are.  It is a lifestyle.

Being gracious is so simple and simply powerful. It is part of the art of living well.