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A few years ago, in this publication we wrote about tipping for restaurant service. At that time, 62% of the people surveyed tipped at least 15%, the largest percentage, even if the service was subpar. Thirty five percent of participants said they would tip 10% or less for subpar service while 8% said they would not tip at all.

We have always recommended tipping between 15-20% for good restaurant service. We also recommend tipping 10-15% for sub- standard service rather than no tip at all.  That still stands for in-house dining.

But what about now? Has that changed during a pandemic?

A lot of businesses and people have been hit hard during COVID-19, restaurants included.

Realizing that the deliverers are working hard and risking their own health to deliver your meal may be a consideration when you tip.

There is really no one way that is the absolutely correct way to tip.  Popular meal-delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash and UberEats set the default tip at 15 percent. Some restaurants have in-house delivery services. So, it may be that you tip a flat fee for delivery, something like $10.00, or a percentage of the meal price something like 15%-20% same as indoor dining.

Some people may be suffering as well, but if you can afford to support those who have been hit hard during this time it can help support your community.

Tipping is subjective and has always been and still is a gesture of appreciation for service rendered well done, in-house or delivery.